Hi! It’s nice to virtually meet you! My name is Priscilla, the face behind Prisky Paws.
I’m from the East Coast and recently moved to Arizona. I am totally obsessed with my dogs Bebe and Jolie. I started Prisky Paws, a fashionable furry friend dog blog as a way to share my funny moments, tips, tricks, product reviews and doggie deals with other dog lovers. Ever hear of how some people just enter your life and leave a footprint? Well, this blog is about how my two dogs have left a pawprint in my heart. 

Meet Bebe:

My name is Bebe and I am a standard sized Yorkshire Terrier. I was born on January 15, 2003 and have lived a very privileged life so far. I know a ton of tricks already, but my human insists on teaching me more. I don’t like foods with corn in them, they give me an upset tummy. My favorite toys are small squeaky balls and empty toilet paper rolls. I don’t like bows very much but my human insists on wearing them for special occasions. I like to play fetch and I like the side of my neck rubbed. Ocean waves and bubble baths are my favorite, I love trying to catch bubbles in my mouth! Have a pawsome day! 

Meet Jolie: 

My name is Jolie and I am a teacup sized Yorkshire Terrier. I was born on August 2, 2006. I am super spoiled and an alpha dog. My big sis, Bebe thought she was the alpha until I arrived, a few nibbles to her ear quickly changed her mind. My human constantly spoils me and I love it. I love playing dress-up and getting my hair done. I especially love getting combed, it relaxes me! I know a few tricks but not as many as Bebe does. I don’t feel I need to try because I’m so small and cute. The human’s friends usually gravitate towards me anyway, haha! My favorite toys are the small plush one with the squeakers in them from Kong. I have a tiny mouth and they are perfect. I also like any toys that look interesting and fun, so if I see my big sis playing with one, I’ll steal it!

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