DIY Inexpensive and Neat Pet Closet

So you have a small dog who you want to take outside in the snow but it’s too cold, so you find yourself buying a sweater for your furry friend.
Halloween rolls around and you want to purchase a costume for your pet.
Another birthday another seven doggy years to celebrate, we should probably pick up an outfit for that too.
Face it. We are all guilty of expanding our dogs wardrobe without even thinking.  Now if you’re ANYTHING like me, you have an addiction to matching outfits, theming parties and dressing up your dogs as if they were your dolls. Come to think of it, they’re just as cute! Hahaha.
Over the years I’ve spent a small fortune on dog apparel. Anywhere from crystal collars to cashmere sweaters to terry robes and furry parkas. You name it Bebe and Jolie probably have it.
When I tell people about their extensive wardrobe, they almost immediately call me crazy and tell me I’m wasting my money.  In my defense (and in yours too if you have been caught in this scenario) I say that unlike children dogs reach their adult weight and size by age one. So the amount of money I spend on an outfit for them can be divided by the years that they wear it as opposed to weeks and months that a child wears his/her clothes..
Voila, you have just caused that person to raise their eyebrow and soon enough you’re going to hear:
“You’re right and you’ve got a point”
Now…where do YOU store your pets apparel? For a while I used to store mine in drawers until I started getting tired and frustrated of looking through 60-something outfits. I looked online but nothing seemed big enough for my collection. Those that were big enough took up too much physical space.
I decided to get creative. While doing laundry I noticed that I had put several shower rods in my laundry room to create space to hang my delicates. Suddenly I had an idea..

I would purchase suspension rods, baby hangers (I later came to discover that they actually made pet hangers) and use my own pre-existing closet and make it my dogs pet closet.
I chose a small closet I have in my dining room. Nothing was ever put into there except mops and brooms, with about 4ft wide and 10ft in height to work with here’s the finished product!!

I hope you enjoyed this tip! Please send me photos if you also do this!


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