Bebe and Jolie Love Rotations Pet Food!

As a former vegan I know a thing or two about healthy and holistic nutrition. I know the benefits of fueling and feeding my body right and I expect to do the same thing with my pets. Pet foods with fillers, corn meal, and chemicals are the fast foods in the pet food aisle. Luckily, more and more manufacturers are making whole foods with no chemicals, steroids, or antiobiotics. This makes me ecstatic.

For years, I’ve been feeding Bebe and Jolie Wellness and Blue Ribbon dog food. They would eat it because there was no other choice I gave them since they have sensitive stomachs, and are both allergic to corn. However, they wouldn’t hide their snouts in the bowl and only come up for air or run towards me when I shook the bag and announced feeding time.

Well, that all changed when I discovered Rotations Pet Food. This company offers some really pawsome and realistic approaches to pet food, such as:
Variety and healthy rotating recipes! Do you eat the same thing everyday? NO… so why should your pet?

Lightning fast delivery to your doorstep. I received my orders in 2 days!

Delicious meat-first proteins such as USDA premium chicken, omega-rich wild salmon, or iron-rich New Zealand lamb.
Please take a moment and watch how happy Bebe and Jolie are with their new and yummy pet food and how they actually choose out the Rotations pet food.
If that video didn’t win you over then perhaps cost and convenience will? If you’re like me, when you take the drive to PetSmart or Petco you bring your pets with you. Who wants to be shopping with their pets and hauling away a 30lb bag along with a leash – NO THANKS! Getting it shipped to my door is soooooo convenient.
Let’s take a look at the other brands:
Rotations 27 lbs – $37.99 + $14.99 shipping = $52.99 (delivered to your door)
Wellness 26 lbs – $53.99 (…and you have to go get it!)
Innova 30 lbs – $54.99 (same price as Rotations but you have to go get it!)
Even some of the crappy food isn’t cheaper!
Rotations 15 lbs bag of Salmon or Lamb – $26.98 + $9.99 shipping = $36.98 (delivered to your door)
Rotations 15 lbs bag of Chicken – $24.98 + $9.99 = $34.98 (delivered to your door)
Eukanuba 14 lbs – $36.99 (Eukanuba contains corn, chicken by-product meal YUCK! basically the worst ingredients you can give your dog…and you have to go get it!)
I say you give Rotations Pet Food a try, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, for example:
  1. A happy pet.
  2. Money and time! (Gas spent on driving to pet store, time it takes)
  3. Assurance that you’re pet is receiving the nutrition it deserves.

Click on the above coupon code to be redirected to the site. Be sure to enter the code for some totally pawsome savings! Rotations will let you try their super premium food for free! Order any 15 lb bag of food and you’ll only have to pay for shipping. I should mention that this generous offer is limited to one bag per household. Please come back and visit this site to post your photos, videos, and any reviews you may have!

Here are some informative links if you want to find out more:

What makes ROTATIONS unique?
Why rotate?

Also, be sure to follow these important steps once you receive your dog food, it is very important!

How to transition your dog to any new food:

Day 1 & 2 – 25% new food, 75% existing food
Day 2 & 3 – 50% new food, 50% existing food
Day 4 & 5 – 75% new food, 25% existing food
Day 6 – 100% new food


  1. Love this site. Can dogs safely eat kiwi? We like to praise nuts like cashews for their protein content. For cats, however, the amino acid profile is all wrong, and relying on nut sources of protein would result in nutritional deficiencies, which can cause severe health problems…


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