Cartoon Your Pet!

As if anyone needed another reason to show off their pets right?

For a while now I’ve wanted to have my pets portrait drawn out. I wanted a canvas painting of them, and than I went to get a quote and realized it was several months of my mortgage so I declined. I than came across googling terms such as “cute cartoon dogs” and “cute yorkie cartoons”. Immediately I found the work of Kim Niles.

Kim Niles is the illlustrator for KiniArt which is just about the greatest illustration site ever! I reached out to her and she immediately recognized my love for my dogs Bebe and Jolie. (that love usually is very prevalent after a squeaky phone coversation or bouncy email) After about 80 messages to one another, we had the finished product, a pawsome masterpiece.

I loved working with Kim every step of the way. I’m a picky and difficult person to please but Kim made sure that I was happy. I especially loved the part where I had to describe my pets personality and their traits to her. My two dogs are very different from each other so I wanted a portrait that really showed that.

Kim was kind enough to make many changes in colors and adding toys. She also helped me with my website banner.

Towards the end I received the BEST surprise! Bebe and Jolie’s portrait, as an added bonus is featured online for purchase on things such as cell phone and ipad covers, clothing, and even coffee mugs!

You can view this pawsome coolness here

Overall I couldn’t be more pleased and more excited to see my little furballs in cartoon form. As if I couldn’t love them ANY more, I just found a way to.

A special thanks, hug, and wet nose kiss to you KIM!


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