Pill Delivery Made Easy With FLAVOR-DOH!

Pill delivery made easy, yummy and fun!

A few weeks ago after having purchased a doggyloot deal from Flavor-Doh, I discovered this company's PAWSOME product called Flavor-Doh. Available in two flavors, chicken and liver, this stuff comes in a container tub. It has a peanut butter like consistency and not much is needed. The first time I tried Flavor-Doh my dogs came running in from the living room because of the smell. They than heard me shake their pill bottles and quickly ran back into the living room. After wrapping the pills up in the gooey goodness my dogs actually were begging for more! The Flavor-Doh masks the taste of ther medicine and my pups think it's a treat. How fun!

I especially LOVE that it's a healthy alternative to wrapping pills in cheese or peanut butter because this stuff is low calorie with very few ingredients and NO chemicals!

Ingredients: Flour, Vegetable Oil, Chicken, Vitamin E (Natural Antioxidant)

Take a look at Jolie being fussy and not wanting her medicine:

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