We love Dawggie Go Pak!

A few months ago while dreaming of more doggyloot deals…

OH! OK, we’re awake again. So back to the post, yes, yes! A few months ago doggyloot offered a deal on a totally cool product called DawggieGoPak. My human always juggles her handbag, our leashes, her cellphone, and her keys leaving her with no wiggle room whatsoever to snap photos of us or to play fetch. Lucky for us she picked up this sweet deal for only $10 with shipping included! Check it out:

We’re not so fond of the clicker but unless we don’t perform tricks we don’t get any of those little dog bone treats which we love. They are from Sojos and we love, love, love it! A lot comes in a box which makes out human happy and they are wheat and corn free, yay for all yummy things that are healthy too.

So grab this doggyloot deal today!


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