02 February 2012

Fabulous Room and Closet Tour!

So just how do two spoiled Yorkshire Terriers live? Well they live pretty fabulously. Some pet owners give their dogs run of the house, I give my dogs that plus their very own room. Let's get started.

To start off here is their sitting station, a furry white couch. For years, Bebe has gravitated towards the top of couches, so when deciding what bed to buy I couldn't purchase a regular bed, we went with a couch!
Next is their dressing station, all things cute are located here. Their bows, necklaces, blinged out collars, charms, squeaky purses and toys too. The heart is a runway mirror that they walk past once they are all dressed!
here is a closeup of what sits on their vanity. bows and bling!
and now for their closet - which I tried to put in color order but than realized there were too many patterned prints. I tried though, the middle row came out the best! I don't hang formal dresses, coats, or hooded sweatshirts. We store those in the drawers. This is their collection so far, and I'm proud to say it's over 8 years old. Did you really think this was impulse shopping? Hahaha. Some of their dresses are in the wash as you can see from their empty hangers.
 I really hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please check out the video for a more detailed walk through. If you have pictures of your dog's room or closet I would love to see it! Have a pawsome day! 

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