Henri Bendel - Trés Chic!

So my birthday was two weeks ago and my dear friend Camila gave me a gift certificate to Henri Bendel. This would actually be the first time I had shopped there. I had received gifts and such from there but had not shipped for myself there, EVER.

Turns out it was just my type of store. Fashionable with a dog line. SOLD.

I know what you're thinking too -  that if was my birthday I should have spent it all myself but you see, it was on sale and it was cashmere and it was XS. Do I really need to keep making excuses? C'mon now we all know how spoiled my two girls are! So here's what I picked up, a dog sweater, a bow wring, and a jewelry roll:

After of course being asked who the sweater was for I started bragging and showing pictures of my little princesses. I'll have you know that Bebe's size was not available so don't pass judgement on me!

After the staff saw the picture of Jolie they invited me back for photos with my dog dressed in her new Henri Bendel cashmere sweater. Did I just hear them correctly? Trying to maintain my demeanor and failing successfully i did a butt wiggle and victory dance in the store and happily said "omg absolutely!"

The very next week, after a dog groom and custom made bow, we were back and had the best time.

The sales associates called Jolie their new mascot as she greeted everyone and asked for kisses and belly rubs. Jolie especially loved this store associate - she spoiled Jolie with baby voices, hugs, a tour of the store and so many belly rubs!!

Jolie is seen here in Henri Bendel's puppy travel kit, I thought it was super cute except for the fact that one of the toys, the knotted ball was bigger than Miss Jolie's head! They may need to rethink that toy! Also the cashmere blankie matched Jolie's sweater, super adorable!
Lots of hugs, wag tails and wet nose kisses to our friends at Henri Bendel in the NJ store, everyone as pawsome and great! We woof you guys!


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