I'm not making this into a CIRCUS, you are!

Come one, come all, to the greatest show on Earth! Last weekend I turned 27 and I just wanted to have a fun themed party. If you see the work I put into my dog's birthday parties you can imagine what I would do for myself! This year I wanted something colorful, fun, quirky, and goofy. What better says that than the circus?!

I started envisioning the theme I wanted 4 months ago and than decided that my dogs would have to be a part of it too. Sadly, they weren't allowed into the restaurant with my 30+ guests because of hygiene laws, but that didn't stop me from dressing them up!

Meanwhile I am sure they wondered what the heck I was doing with costumes in February when they had just passed the Halloween month.

Have a look at my fabulous day!
I dressed up as a ringleader and I'm holding a cracked whip here. 
It made the perfect prop for photos!
My friend's boyfriend John dressed up as a clown, I couldn't be happier! 
He even had one of those flower water squirts, it was super cool and thoughtful!
My friend Nicole was quite the attraction. With her red wig and balloons hanging off her petticoat it was perfect. Adorned with pom-poms and neon, glow in the dark fabric paint that read: Happy Birthday P. I have such a super special friend, THANK YOU!
 This were one of my many different centerpieces. 
Each one had a special message written, I asked everyone to read them and have a happy good time!

My amazing cake by Cake Artist Cafe, it was absolutely perfect. Adorned with gumballs and lollipops. 
The cupcakes I made myself. They are vanilla with marshmallow frosting (which is NOT fun to spread) and mini marshmallows on top and edible yellow spray. So cute!

In this photo you can see my clown nose jar, more lollipops and my popcorn bins. I popped 16 quarts of popcorn kernels - over 30 gallons of popcorn popped! The smell is still lingering around my kitchen, let's just say I won't have a craving for it in years! 

Here is Bebe and Jolie in their clown suits. They look absolutely precious. 
Jolie didn't exactly cooperate for a nice pose b/c I woke her up from a nap, oh well.

Bebe struck a pose! She looks stunning in this photo, I love it! 

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about my party, I had the best time planning it and partying with everyone!


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