We Love Teafco Cleo Hangers!

A few months ago I shared a quick and easy way to organize your pets closet. Since than my pet's closet has grown and relocated to a room of it's own. Helping me along the way are the Teafco Cleo pet hangers. The ONLY hangers I use. They're sturdy, sized perfectly and skinny so as to take up less space and give me more room for new outfits for my pups. 
Cleo pet hangers were made exclusively to hang precious pet clothing. "Designer clothing for pups is a hot trend – from jackets and puffer vests, to tee shirts and tutu skirts, pets of all kinds are getting dressed and going to town! Designer doggie apparel is expensive and our pet clothing hangers protect your investment. Hanging keeps clothing fresh, clean and unwrinkled - ready to dress your pooch to perfection.   Cleo Pet Clothing Hangers fit most of rods for regular closets."

Each set is priced with affordability and each set comes with 12 hangers in a single color. Our closet has mainly berry blue colored hangers but it is also offered in another 2 semi-translucent colors - petal pink and winter white. You can chose just one color or for a playful effect match all 3! 

Cleo Hangers are made with quality in mind, from strong yet supple polypropylene plastic, and finished professionally to ensure an upscale look.

Have a look!



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