15 April 2012

Having our Paws Read with the Pet Psychic!

So this past weekend at Cherrybrook they were having a pet psychic meet and greet and for $25 you could have your dogs paws read, ok not really but it sounds cool. I have to admit that when I scheduled my visit for this I had my suspicions but within minutes of sitting down my suspicions were cleared and tears were in my eyes. Meet Lorraine Moore, psychic and Animal Communicator. She is located in Washington, NJ but occasionally visits pet stores.
A few things that Lorraine immediately pointed out was that I was skeptical and that Jolie was a diva. Pretty spot on if you ask me. Here's a few more things she said:
  • Bebe is Daddy's girl, oh and Bebe says Daddy gives her cheese even though you yell at him not to.
  • Jolie is mad that Bebe had a photo shoot with sunglasses and she didn't (my jaw dropped).
  • Bebe loves the perfume you spray on her, keep it coming she says.
  • Jolie wants to be in clothing everyday and she said that you are slacking.
  • Jolie expects all the attention and toys and she likes her parties.
  • Bebe is very appreciative and loves her cupcake towers. It was this statement right here that made me CRY. The lavish parties that I have thrown Bebe her best photos are with her next to the cupcake towers I make her. Coincidence? Clearly not!
Miss Moore said some other stuff too which I will keep close to my heart, however if you're ever in the tri-state area I urge you to pay her a visit!

03 April 2012

Safe Dog Detergent for Bedding and Toys!

Have you ever cringed at the thought of cleaning and washing your fur babies toys, blankets and bedding with regular detergent knowing that they will put it in their mouth? Have you thought about using baby detergent instead but than realized that baby detergent is mild and doesn't clean up the "pet accidents" the way a detergent should. Well the wait and concern is over - Rockn Green has released a new detergent specifically 
"Doghouse Rock, like all Rockin’ Green products, is dye and phosphate free, contains no fillers, enzymes or optical brighteners and is non-toxic, vegan and biodegradable. Made with recyclable packaging, it’s blended to be the perfect detergent for pet bedding, stuffed toys and pet accidents."
How does it work? I recommend doing a sanitary steam wash for your fur pets dirty bedding and/or toys to get the gooky stuff out. If you have a regular machine you're going to want to throw 2-3 scoops of detergent and do a wash cycle. If you have a HE machines throw 1-2 scoops. If your mess is really big I recommend letting it soak. For a regular machine just lift the lid, for an HE machine press the pause button - soak for 45-60 minutes and than set machine to start up again without adding more detergent. Once finished it smells pretty pawsome and totally clean!