Best Wee Wee Pads Ever!

How many times have you gone out and purchased a wee wee pad only to come home to a mess? I cannot count the number of times that I have purchased poorly made that claim to be super absorbent. So super absorbent that your fur friend just tinkled and it traveled passed the pad!

I've found myself buying the jumbo sized packs at PetSmart and PetCo, the 100ct ones that seemed to be a bargain at $40-$50 only to come to realize that I was putting down 4-5 pads to avoid a mess. That's not very efficient! One pad should suffice.

Lately I've been obsessed with Fab Pet Thursdays. Every Thursday at 7PM EST they host a selection of discounted pet goodies. That's where I came to discover these training pads. Since the sale initially ran, I've purchased these pads an additional 4 times. 

I actually saw first hand what the absorbency power was on each pad due to a leak in my home. I have a free standing air conditioner in my dogs room (yes they have their very own room, a tour can be found here) that one day decided to leak. I wasn't home but when I did come home I saw that the unit was leaking. To my surprise I found myself looking for where the water went. I than turned to the floor and actually dropped to my knees to examine the two pads I had placed down. They were drenched with the water but were absorbing it to the max. I feel like 1/2 gallon of water was on each pad because when I went to dispose of the pads (I grabbed a large garbage bag and picked up pads by corners of the pad) the bag was very, very heavy!

  • Ultra Absorbent
  • 100-Percent Leak Proof
  • Biobase-Sustainable material made form corn
  • Great for Puppies and Indoor dogs of all ages
These thick and colorful award winning pads (2011 Editors Choice Award for Best Product of the year -according to Pet Product News International-for- Innovation, Function and Design.

Please share comments below if you've used these awesome pads or if you are looking to make a purchase!


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