Laser Therapy Treatment for Dogs

A few weeks ago, my dog Bebe was in chronic pain in her neck and arm area. I had not seen her fall or do anything that may have caused injury but it was obvious that she was in pain.

After one too many screaming yelps I called out of work and took her to the vet.

Our vet suggested that we start a series of laser therapy treatments. I gave her a blank stare.

I've seen and heard about laser therapy being used everywhere on humans but never thought that the medical breakthrough was now available for our furry friends.

It sounded expensive to me but in all actuality it was very reasonable. Prices range between $40-$60 a session and a minimum of 6 sessions is recommended.

The best part is that our pet insurance covered about half of the costs.

After the first treatment I immediately noticed a difference in Bebe's range of motion in her neck, and she wasn't crying or yelping. The response to the laser made me cry, cry with tears of joy that my Furbaby was getting better so soon.

In addition to the laser therapy sessions, our vet also have is a prescription for a the generic of Rimadyl which is a pain killer. I gave this to Bebe every night with a belly full of food. As always I use Flavor-doh to administer medication. My dogs think it's a treat with that stuff!

The recommended time in between laser visits is usually once every other day or 2-3 days in between. I was going every two days and in two weeks the therapy was complete.

I recommend everyone to ask their vet about laser therapy as it is used for multiple purposes. Vets use it to speed up healing after surgery, arthritis cases, and for pain among other things.

The type of therapy that was used on Bebe was by the company LiteCure LLC and the machine used was the Companion Laser Therapy machine found here. It is a cold infrared laser.

I urge you to check out their website and ask your vet if they carry laser therapy treatments! Bebe is doing better than ever and I am so thankful that this technology exists! Thank you LiteCure!


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