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Everywhere you look nowadays people are becoming more cautious and health conscious about what they eat - as they should. I'm excited to say that the same can be said about many dog food companies. I may not always read the labels on what I eat, but when it comes to my furbabies, I read the labels and I have my phone in hand to research any ingredient I don't recognize just so that I am aware of what it is. But guess what? If I cannot pronounce it and haven't heard of it, I'm not feeding it to my dogs, would you?

For Christmas I purchased a Merrick Holiday Sausage food sampler from our local pet boutique. I had heard of Merrick's product before. I always stop and smile with the names that they give their food. Instead of the usual chicken and rice, or veal titles, Merrick comes up with some awesome names for their yummy recipes. Some of the names include:

  • Gameday Tailgate (How appropriate for football season!)
  • Thanksgiving Day Dinner
  • Grammy's Pot Pie
  • Smothered Comfort
  • Cowboy Cookout

Now something can have a great name but not taste great but my dogs LOVE Merrick pet food! What's not to love about whole foods from local growers that is part of a balanced nutrition?

My dogs are allergic to corn so I'm always on the lookout for good food for them that will provide nutrition but that also tastes good and doesn't sit in the bowl for too long. Merrick Pet Food has NO corn, wheat, soy, gluten, or GMO's! Their food is high in proteins, omega 3s and 6s, glucosamine, antioxidants and chodroitin. It's a pet food revolution and I am happy to have stumbled upon their products at my local pet store. Merrick has 5 key promises that their recipes are built off of. These include:
  1. LOCAL GROWERS, regional, farm fresh ingredients
  2. REAL WHOLE FOODS, pure, nutritious, and delicious
  3. FROM THEIR KITCHEN TO YOURS, cooking and quality under one roof
  4. BALANCED NUTRITION, higher in quality protein
  5. HEALTH YOU CAN SEE, proof that you are what you eat
Merrick uses no ingredients from China, which if you're in the news last year there were several recalls for pet food processed in China that resulted in deaths of many animals. SCARY.

Merrick uses no generic fat sources and no meat by-products. A special bonus? You can read, pronounce, and understand their ingredient list. What does this mean? It means I trust it to feed it to my dogs. Plain and simple.

Food for your pet should be nutritious and act as a fuel, not a filler. I challenge you to go and grab your pets bag of dog food and read the first two ingredients, one is a corn filler isn't it?
Merrick's dry recipes lead with 60-70% meat, poultry and fish ingredients. As it should!

You can expect Merrick's 100% Health Promise by switching your pets food.

  1. 60:20:20 balance = whole health
  2. 70:30 no grain = allergen control
  3. Omega 6 +3 = healthy skin and coat
  4. Antioxidants = digestive health
  5. Glucosamine/Chondroitin = healthy bones and joints

Give Merrick a try, their 100% health promise means that if you and your pet aren't completely satisfied you get your money back!

I urge you to visit this amazing company:

Also take a look at where you can find Merrick by you by clicking here

Till the next blog post fur friends!
Wags and wet nose kisses,
Priscilla, Bebe, and Jolie 


  1. Love this place. Can dogs safely eat kiwi? They give you coupons with a percentage off your next purchase and they carry a great range of products. Their natural dog treats are long-lasting and obviously high quality... The staff is very knowledgeable and always helpful.


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