Pupcakes & Pawstries - Barkery and Shoppe in Lyons, NJ

Hello everyone,

As you know I love finding interesting and unique dog shops around the tri-state area. A few weeks ago, I was with my boyfriend at the VA Medical Center in Lyons, NJ and after his appointment we decided to venture out into the city. The city itself is very cute and filled with some shops and eateries. We stumbled across this place which I immediately had to stop and go in. I saw the name and was giddy to see what was inside.

This is a really cute dog barkery and store. It's big and has a lot of pretty things to chose from along with healthy and organic food. The owners, Paul and Belinda make the treats which are all very cute.

Specifically what caught my eye was a bucket system they had where you can fill up your pail with treats, and you get to keep it!

For my very fussy eaters, I chose the duck, chicken and lamb treats as pictured below. They are perfect for small and medium sized dogs. They can even be used for bigger dogs as training treats!

They package it up super nicely, I would say this would be a perfect gift for a dog celebrating their birthday or if you would like to gift a pail to a new dog owner!

Here are pictures of my little girls, Bebe and Jolie, munching on their treats from Pupcakes & Pawstries - they really enjoyed it! I have since than returned to pick up some more!

If you are in the New Jersey area, I highly recommend that you check this place out. It's family owned, everyone is REALLY sweet and they offer a cool checkout method where you get a digital receipt to your e-mail.

Check them out here:


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