Choosing the Right Wee Wee Pads!

Ever purchase some wee-wee pads that don't do the job? I can't tell you how many brands I've tried. Some I've bought in bulk to discover that the pad itself is so thin that while I thought I was getting a good deal I'm actually spending more money because instead of putting one or two pads down I'm putting down five or six. I've actually watched brands that claim they are super absorbent and the urine just glides off. Nothing is more fun than lifting a pad to discover it being completely covered in urine on the bottom. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that the opposite plastic lining of these cheap pads actually adhere better to the liquid.

I have two Yorkies who stay home on their own about 8-10 hours a day. Let's face it this is the typical situation for anyone with an indoor dog. I can't afford a dog babysitter or dog walker, so I walk them in the morning when the weather is to their liking. That's another thing with little dogs, I cannot speak for all but mine for sure only step outside when it's above 60 degrees. Living in NJ, that's only about half the year!

I haven't been totally satisfied with my current pads, to be honest I secretly hate them. They are from a company that used to be great but they changed the way they made their pads and now it is super thin and barely quilted. What you see below is me usually piling on 5-6 pads to prevent a spill from underneath. The absorption factor is about zero. I actually saw my dog go on the pad and just watched it glide off. Not only is this annoying but expensive!

I decided to give out this new app that I've been using called Cinch. It's basically an app released by Klout that lets you tap into and ask other members advice. Advice ranges from anything between redecorating your home, gardening, furniture shopping, parenting or raising pets. So long story short, I posted a question on Cinch asking about what were the best wee wee pads. Within minutes another member had replied to my post and she suggested: Poo-Pee-Pads I went on the website and saw that you can actually call for some free samples and I did just that. Well in reality, I actually emailed first but that ended up speaking to the owner of the company. He was really sweet, a retired doctor, and help me identify just what type of pads I needed for the multiple dogs in my home. He sent me two samples which I am eager to tell you about! I actually loved these SO much that I've already placed an order with them.

This pad right here is called the quilted:
Quilted Our new line of quilted pads with extra absorbency and extra fill. Size 17x24 thru 23x36. Compare to national brands and save 25%-35%. Ideal for puppies and dogs up to 100 lbs. Starting at $44.99 for 200 pads – including delivery!

Now if you see closely (and I know it's kinda gross but...) that's an entire day worth of urine, and it didn't run! I know my dogs and I know Bebe peed three times and Jolie peed twice here, which is about correct. Super happy with this pad, it's also long so I didn't have to put down my usual two pads worth.
This pad right here is the elite super awesome pad that actually turned the urine into a gel! It's super fluffy and thick it almost feels like a baby blanket pad.
Premium Maximum absorption- up to 32 ounces these pads are manufactured with and unique gel that converts urine into a gel, eliminating leakage and urine odor for up to 12 hours. Most absorbent pad in the market and ideal for large breeds and those pets with medical issues with excessive or frequent urination.   Starting at $52.99 for 100 pads - including delivery! 

This pad was also after one day at home and here I see that Bebe peed three times and so did Jolie. Bebe is my bigger Yorkie, she's about 11 pounds and pees frequently and heavily. Jolie is my smaller Yorkie at only 4lbs who pees very little and not too often.
The prices of this company are incredible if you actually compare them to the PetSmart and Petco prices. Even the premium pads found on Amazon are usually about $40 per 80-100 pads. That usually doesn't include delivery! I am very satisfied with this company and so I've asked the owner to offer a small discount to my fur friends and their parents! He's agreed to give me $3.00 off by giving the code "prisky" at checkout. Please call them directly to receive the discount. Once again here's the link and their phone number is: 800.365.2839  

I seriously recommend these pads, the proof is in the pictures.

Please comment below with any questions you may have. Till our next blog post friends!


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