Product Review: Frisco Premium Potty Pads

Hi friends!

Our good friends over at Chewy sent us a product for a review. I am a fan of the Chewy website and have Bebe and Jolie's food on auto-ship every 14 weeks. They give you amazing coupons and discounts if you sign up so I would check them out! I prefer it over Amazon Prime for all my pet needs.
I have now added these potty pads to my auto-ship order. They are amazing and the proof is in the photos! This was after a 12 hour work day that I was away and you can clearly see how much pee there is on the pads. I loved that the pee was contained and didn't seep through! We've all been in the situation where some cheap pee pads don't hold the liquid in and then it spills over, causing a huge mess and an even bigger stench. These pads are very reasonably priced too! Check out their prices here 
These pads have a built in attractant in them and this made me so happy because as you can see my dogs did all their business on the pads, which means less cleanup for me! When I came home I noticed that there weren't wet paw marks, Frisco lists that the pads are fast drying and indeed they are. I used to use another brand that roughly ran me $20 a month for 30 pads, however this is a much better deal! Only $11.87 for one month supply of the huge sized pads of 27.5 x 44!
I hope you all enjoyed this product review, please feel free to leave any comments or questions below! Have a pawsome day!


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