Product Review: Nutramax Cosequin Maximum Strength (DS) Plus MSM Soft Chews Joint Health Dog Supplement

As a fur mom of two senior Yorkies, it is no surprise that this breed comes with joint problems later on in their lives. Yorkies are part of the terrier family, and are extremely active. My oldest dog is 15 years old and still flings herself from the bar stool onto the couch. I nickname her my giddy gazelle. Both of my dogs have fluxating patellas which is pretty common in this breed and to prevent arthritis and swelling I have been supplementing them with glucosamine for the past few years and it's worked really well. Glucosamine is more commonly known as Cosequin® and its main use it to help promote mobility and joint function in dogs and cats. Arthritis refers to inflammation or swelling in a joint and what these supplements do is help provide the necessary nutrients for cartilage repair and function. 

These treats were a win in the Prisky Paws household. I gave my 10lb Yorkie one full chew and my 5lb Yorkie 1/2 of one chew as per the weigh recommendations on the back of the packaging. As an added bonus these chews are contain omega-3’s for a healthy skin and coat. The chew is soft and chewy, perfect for my two little girls who are missing most of their teeth!

Disclaimer: I received these goodies free of charge from in an exchange for my honest review, and here you have it! I've been feeding my dogs glucosamine for years and so I was super happy to try this product due to the added benefits in the treat of the omega 3's! 


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