Halo Wild Salmon & Venison, fancy eats for your petite pup

I'm always amazed to see dog food companies offer up fish options. It's not only for cats you know? Fish in a dogs diet provides many benefits including being extremely high in protein and omega-3s. For the most part, fish is high in protein but a dog cannot get all of their nutritional needs through fish alone, which I was delighted when I saw that Halo came out with a blend of Salmon and Venison wet dog food.

Salmon has many benefits in a dogs diet. It is a fatty fish which is also a good source of omega- 3 fatty acids. These fats support the immune system and can be beneficial for skin and coat health. There has also been some indication that they may benefit dogs with allergies. 

While venison, or deer meat, has less protein than beef, it also contains less fat and cholesterol, making it an increasingly popular meat source in commercial dog foods. Venison is a good source of B vitamins and minerals such as zinc, phosphorous, and iron. It helps dogs maintain healthy energy levels and many dogs enjoy the taste.

This pet food is jam-packed with nutrients and is contains non-GMO fruits and vegetables. I am at ease feeding them this because I know that they are getting a balanced nutritious meal, and they think of it as a treat.
Normally I feed my dogs dry kibble, but I do entice their taste buds with wet dog food from time to time. My dogs love this stuff so much they actually start doing tricks once I peel back the top of the can. That makes us all happy! I'm also delighted in knowing that the recipe is specially formulated for smaller sized breeds for a healthy weight point calorically. Since my dogs are seniors now and have had pancreatitis scares, I do monitor what they eat quite often. This, once again, gives me peace of mind. 

Another key benefit from this food is that the texture provides additional hydration which is important when your pups live in Arizona. Sometimes my girls won't drink a lot of their water, but they are always hungry, so I add water or supplement wet dog food to make sure they stay hydrated.

  • Yes, I sometimes spoon feed my dogs their meals with a pink spoon. Are you surprised?
  • I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy.com in an exchange for my honest review.


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